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3 woman sitting with their legs crossed on yoga mats

Dark Side of the Moon

April 13, 2017

“The new moon means new beginnings and that can always be a little daunting,” says Mind Body Fitness Trainer Jasmine Love. She has been on staff at Turnberry Isle Miami since October and she is helping shape the new fitness program at the âme Spa & Wellness Collective.  Jasmine teaches weekly meditation and true balance classes at the resort, but come April 26th she’ll be the headliner for a new series at the beloved property called Dark Side of the Moon.

Beginning April 26th, Turnberry will celebrate the arrival of the new moon and every new moon thereafter in 2017 with silent disco yoga classes and a multi-sensory dining experience.  The idea behind the Dark Side of the Moon series is to embrace the new and the mysterious.  For years, the elusiveness of the dark side of the moon has captivated scientists and inspired artistic expression because so little is known to us and we on Earth never see it.

“This program is meant to be a way to experience the unknown, to learn how to trust, and how to have faith in new experiences and your senses,” says Jasmine.  “With each pose, I will be telling my students to breathe in the love and to start a new beginning with every breath.  There’s always a little excitement and terror with the unknown and with this event we will celebrate that by shutting off some senses and awakening others.”

During the outdoor yoga class, participants will be wearing headphones.  They can listen to one of three playlists. One, of course, will be Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Students will visually follow Jasmine’s cues through a 45-minute yoga class.  It will be the first-time Jasmine has ever taught a class without words and she says she envisions the movements will cascade from the front row to the back -- like a butterfly spreading its wings.

Following yoga, guests will enjoy a three-course blind dining experience prepared by Chef Gordon Maybury of CORSAIR kitchen + bar. The surprise menu and lack of utensils will tap into guests’ senses of touch, taste, and smell offering a unique and memorable dining experience as Turnberry Isle Miami staff guides the participants throughout the evening.  Tickets are $50 and may be purchased through Eventbrite here. For more information or to make a reservation by phone, please call (786) 279-6598.