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Portrait of Matthew Kenney

Interview with Matthew Kenney

February 14, 2017

On March 3rd-5th, plant-based chef and entrepreneur Matthew Kenney will host his first Camp ÂME wellness retreat at Turnberry Isle Miami.  The three-day program will help participants looking for a healthier lifestyle through plant-based nutrition.  This retreat will feature talks, tips, recipes, and special meals by Matthew Kenney. It will also include a healthy dose of meditation, yoga, and spa treatments at the âme Spa and Wellness Collective.  We caught up with Matthew to find out a bit more about his collaboration with âme and his hopes for retreat goers.

What attracted you to âme?

For me, innovation is really important.  âme is creating a new standard within the wellness sector.  They have considered luxury as it supports our health versus as an indulgence. The tropical climate also supports lighter, fresher, and more vibrant plant-based cuisine that I am recognized for preparing, so it’s a good match.

How does Camp ÂME differ from other programs you have been associated with?

There’s a consideration for guests and their wellness goals that makes their programming and experience unique.  I approach cuisine from such a different angle, it’s nice to be aligned with others who are taking a more thoughtful approach.

What do you hope to contribute to âme?

I think education is critical to supporting lasting change. I am excited to be able to teach guests recipes they can take with them and techniques that will empower them to continue to explore raw and plant-based beyond the weekend.

What can your âme clients expect from you?

Guests can expect a flavorful, fun, and hands-on experience.  I am looking forward to connecting with clients who are curious about plant-based cuisine that is flavorful and indulgent.

Can you talk a bit about your approach and what drives you?   

I am a classically trained chef who felt uninspired by creating cuisine that was rich and heavy, while eating lighter and fresher cuisine in my personal life.  After discovering raw and plant-based cuisine that was not prepared with a classical and chef-driven approach, I felt that I could work to change the way people think about food by providing pleasurable dining experiences that also happened to support health.  I began in the hospitality and media sector then quickly expanded into culinary education. I continue to be inspired by the transformative nature of plant-based cuisine and the journeys and transformations we are able to participate in and spark.

What’s your favorite thing about Turnberry Isle Miami?

The spa!  I really love how modern technology and innovation were applied to developing a world-class spa unlike any I've seen.