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New Moon, New You: To the Dark Side and Back

May 12, 2017

On April 26th, the âme Spa & Wellness Collective at Turnberry Isle Miami launched a new fitness series called the Dark Side of the Moon.
The series celebrates the arrival of every new moon in 2017 with silent disco yoga classes and multi-sensory dining experiences. The idea behind the Dark Side of the Moon series is to embrace the new and the mysterious. For years, the elusiveness of the dark side of the moon has captivated scientists and inspired artistic expression because so little is known to us and we on Earth never see it. The premise behind this series is to turn off some senses and to awaken others as we open ourselves up to new experiences on the occasion of a new moon.
The sold out inaugural event was headlined by Jasmine Love. Students visually followed Jasmine’s cues through a vibrant 45-minute yoga class on the Turnberry lawn and then convened at CORSAIR kitchen & bar for a three-course blindfolded dinner prepared by Chef Gordon Maybury where diners could only rely on their senses of touch, taste, smell, and hearing.
The next event in the series will be held on Wednesday, June 21st. Tickets are $50. Reserve your spot today click here or call 786-279-6598.